Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Does your packaging appeal to Women??

In many studies and statistics given to the Wine Industry they show figures of up to 70% of wine purchased in retail are done by women. If this is the case how well does the industry do in labelling their brands according to female interests?? Personally I am not so sure we do that so well in South Africa. Packaging in SA is still very conservative and traditional compared to what you will find in other countries. Especially in the USA where it is all about standing out from the shelf and as they call it, “shout at the consumer”. Here are some examples of what I have come across during my trips to the USA:

This is only some examples of what is out there with the one below sure to raise some eyebrows J

This is packaging that actually sells wine in certain markets and whether it is appealing to one or both genders are questionable. However, comparing the colour, catchy names and play on words that some of the brands have we must look at what is on our retail shelves. Just think of Yellow Tail and the barriers that it broke to become a sensation in International Retail.
The Wine Industry is having a very tough time and the biggest problem we have locally is the low consumption of wine per capita. Maybe it is time to really focus on appealing to consumers through our packaging and produce some silly catchy brand names.

We all know that people buy with their eyes. Let’s be more colourful, adventurous and attract more attention with colour and a catchy name. Personally I have always felt that we should break down the snobbish walls that the industry has. Make wine more acceptable at ALL occasions rather than just a lunch or dinner drink.

In Italy you don’t drink wine out of a crystal wine glass when you are visiting in someone’s home. You drink out of a normal glass because wine is a part of their life as much as water is.

Get rid of the “nose in the air” promotion of wine and let consumers be more comfortable in enjoying wine anywhere anytime. There is a market for Johnnie Walker Blue Label as much as there is for the Red label. Consumers will buy R500 bottles of rare, limited production wines. When you drink wine regularly and quite a lot of it then I would think cheaper more affordable “Ass Kisser” would be on your table.

Are consumers ready to buy wine with names like “Big Ass Cab or Ass Kisser” in South Africa?? Who knows, but I am sure that those who will try first will get ladies filling their shopping carts with your wine. What about a seductively smooth Red Wine called Don Juan or a very robust heavy red called Mr Pitt?

Ladies, what is your favourite wine packaging and stands out in stores that you visit?? OH before i forget, the names of the wines above is not aimed at anyones weight or body type!! Please send me your feedback and pictures if you have of your favourite labels.


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