Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Drunken Fowl...

Last Thursday was the launch of a funky new wine from historic Saxenburg Estate outside Stellenbosch. Known for Shiraz and maybe best known by the older wine consumer, Saxenburg took a step to attract a new wine consumer to their brand.

One thing I have to say is that the branding, name and style of wine definitely falls into a very innovative category for the South African market. A Shiraz with a slightly higher Rs (around 7g/L) although it doesn’t come across as too sweet. Matured in older French and American oak just rounds the wine off very nicely. I think it is a wine you can put in the fridge for a little while and enjoy chilled.

Saxenburg explains it like this:

Bertie as you all should know is Saxenburg’s

resident beau. Better known as the drunken

fowl he surfaces quietly, like a night owl.

And when no one is there for the securing, he

consumes the wine that in the barrels is maturing.

Shiraz is his favourite one, and brings a wiggle to

his wee bum.  With his rich spicy and plummy flavors.

He shouldn’t be the only one to savour!

The packaging is fun and light hearted with a very affordable price to come with it of R65 at Cellar Door. We might see some other type of Drunken Fowls this coming season J